Friday Program overview

Class performing at Morning program

Friday Program:
You’re Invited!

Who: Parents and family of Fall Creek students are invited
What: All-School Morning Program
When: Most Fridays from 8:05AM to 8:40AM
Where: The Fall Creek Elementary School Gym
Why: It is a wonderful way to spend time with your child and the school community… and have a lot of fun!

New to Fall Creek? Wondering what Friday Program is all about? It is a special event that makes our school such a warm and caring community, a place to belong and feel welcome. Every Friday, all the students at Fall Creek meet in the gym to share in greetings, sing-alongs, the pledge of allegiance, special messages and birthday announcements. Typically, each week a different group of students performs something special for the rest of the school, like a group song with musical accompaniment. (PTA does not organize this event, though we do publicize the schedule when there is advance notice.)

Interested in coming? Wondering what to do? Make sure your child arrives at school on time and then head over to the gym before 8:10AM. Be sure to sign in and pick up a visitor pass sticker – there is an sign-in sheet at the school office window. There are chairs in the gym, or you may sit on the floor with your child. As the students file in, you will soon learn the assigned location where your child’s class sits.

Have a special talent you and/or your child would like to share at Friday Program? Anyone can perform! Check with your child’s teacher first and ask him or her to sign your child up.