Child care signup volunteers needed

Hello Everyone!

I’m looking for a few more volunteers to help with Curriculum Night this Thursday, September 22 and Monday September 26. As you know, the time is from 5:30p - 6:30pm. The volunteering consists of helping parents sign in and get their children to childcare. I will have checklists containing all the children who have signed consent forms on file as well as blank forms for anyone who needs one. You can explain childcare options available depending on age and interest. I’ll have more information about that the given night(s).  In the past parents tend to come early so I could use the help as early as 5:10pm. If you are a parent who needs to get to your child’s curriculum night, you certainly will be allowed to go. In this vein, it would be most helpful to volunteer on the night you’re most available.

Thank you for considering!  Let me know if you have questions!

-Julie Nowlen, Childcare Coordinator