PTA Meeting Agenda for October 3, 2011

HI Folks,

I just wanted to make sure everyone was aware of what our focus will be for our next PTA meeting. It’s budget time again!!! Please come and take part in deciding how our PTA funds can be used to advocate, enrich and support our children’s academic year. We will be enjoying a wonderful array of quiche flavors that Steve Schwartz will be preparing for us (and some pizza for those of you who are not quiche fans). Please take a look at the agenda below and keep in mind that it is subject to change according to what direction the discussion takes us.  We are still in need of several key volunteers to help carry out some very important activities and duties so please consider taking on one of these roles for us this year, we have plenty of mentors and people who have been around for quite a while who can answer questions and provide support to you. Don’t be shy…you can do it!!

1. Introductions (5 min.)

2. Reminder of Location for PTA ‘drawers and supplies’ (5 min.)

3. Solicitation for more help re: food (ordering pizza, clean-up, serving), room parents, spelling bee, bike rodeo, craft night, fall fundraiser, skating, Gimme!, etc. (15 min.)

4. CEC description and process (5 min.)

5. Budget - Discussion and Vote (45 min.)

6. Misc. (5 min.)

See you Monday at 5:30!!  Don’t forget to sign up to be a PTA member, it is money well spent.