Hall Monitor Needed for After-School Enrichment

Do you have an hour to spare after school on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays?

With warm regards and utmost thanks to Barb Rogers and Patti Harrington for their dedication to our students in the enrichment programs, Fall Creek PTA is looking for a new Hall Monitor.

This PAID position requires someone to:
+ Be trustworthy and reliable
+ Be ready to check children into their assigned classes by 2pm
+ To remain in the main foyer throughout enrichment sessions, and
+ Be sure all children are checked out and “handed off” to their after-enrichment plans (after school, pickup, walk home, etc.)

You will be done by 3:20ish—about 90 minutes all told. Enrichment runs approximately 18 weeks of the school year, (3) 6-week sessions.

If you are interested in this position starting January 2017 (winter session!), please email asap!

Erin Kerr

Kristin Leigh Dutcher