Thursday Program Lineup

Friday” Program will be held tomorrow (Thursday) this week, because school is closed on Friday for Veterans Day. As usual, starting at 8:05 AM in the school gym. Parents, caregivers, and other members of our community are always invited, and anyone can sign up to present or perform.

Also, note there will be no Program next week because of the Thursday and Friday half-days for parent-teacher conferences, nor the following week because of the Thanksgiving break.

Here’s this week’s lineup:

• Birthdays from Thursday 11/10 - Wednesday 11/30.
• 1st graders Violet and Ava will jump rope.
• Mr. Bell announcement about the upcoming Talent Show on Thursday 11/17.
• Mihal’s Dove class will sing a Peace song.
• 4th graders Alina, Zoe, Zia, and Uma will perform a dance routine.
• Mihal’s Dove class will announce how much was raised for UNICEF during Halloween.
5th grader Adrian Dvorak will sing “Firework.” (Oops, forgot this one on previous email!)
• Mr. Simons will discuss the time capsule.
• Positivity Brigade

See you there!