PTA meeting reminder and discussion

There will be a PTA meeting, Monday, November 14th at Southside Community Center
located at 305 S. Plain St.
This meeting will include school event updates as well as an open discussion prompted by the current events of this election season and the aftermath. We welcome everyone to join in with topics relating to our kids, the school culture, and how/what to do as a community moving forward. A few things that may come up are: talking to our kids about the current events, what we will do as a community and school community when/if we encounter bullying and bigotry in our community/school and what procedures and policies are currently in place that everyone should know about, or wish to have in place. Additionally, Mihal Ronen will be speaking about peace curriculum and peer communication/mediation programs.
We hope that no matter what political views we each may have, (Iet’s leave specific politics out of it) we can use this meeting as a platform for support, suggestions, ideas, and community, which is what the Fall Creek PTA is all about!
Reminders: rides are available - contact Kelly Ross or Sheila Kissiloff at school at 274-2214, your child’s classroom parent, or
pizza and salad dinner is free and served at 5:30PM, and the meeting will start at 6:00 which includes free childcare but you must be on the premises if your child is in our care, and a childcare form must be on file but we will have some at the meeting if needed.