PTA meeting 4/3 highlights

Tonight’s PTA meeting highlights (link to minutes coming soon):
-Presentation by Audrey Baker, director of Fresh Snack Program at the Youth Farm Project - goal: increased access to healthy local food, specifically to impoverished youth; answered questions on how to bring the program to Fall Creek Elementary
-Still need nominees for PTA president and secretary - please help spread the word! contact: Jamie Jones-Rounds with nominees
-Also need new Membership Coordinator (currently Kate Dimpfl) and Fall Fundraiser ideas/coordinator (last 3 years organized by Tamara Wright Acosta and Paul Acosta - Thank you two!)
-Basketball season update - total of 5 teams of kids with positive spirit and a good time was had by all (Christine Evans)
Thank you, Jessica Ristow and Heather Harrick, for coordinating!
-Science Olympiad - After 6 weeks of training, our team participated with gusto. For future reference: memorize the rules for each event!
Thank you, Jamie Jones-Rounds, for coordinating!
-Reading Celebration Week starts Monday, April 10th - looking to borrow camping equipment (camp chairs, tents, flashlights); need volunteers for Friday smore’s event - contact librarian Alex Spencer, and also let’s thank her for coordinating!
-Scholastic Book Fair - 8-2 April 11-13 (Tue-Th) - Needs volunteer cashiers in 1+ hour slots - please contact Christine Brouwer Hinman if interested
Thank you, Christine Brouwer Hinman, for coordinating!
-Butterfly Garden Update - K and 1st grade selecting plants; need experienced gardeners to help with maintenance - please contact Margaret Royall with leads
-Next meeting, May 8th - See you there!