2017-2018 PTA positions needed

                                  The 2017-2018 school year is looking for these PTA positions:

PTA President: The President works on the PTA mission and goals by acting as the hub to the other members of the school community, families, PTA, coordinators, teachers, and staff. The President is responsible for facilitating general and PTA board meetings and works with chairs and coordinators to organize events, extra curricular activities, and fundraisers. Time commitment varies but requires a consistent presence throughout the year. Lots of resources, and reference guide available.

Membership Chair: Membership chair is responsible for education of the school community about the importance and benefits of membership, membership recruitment, and signing up members through the NYS PTA website. Works together with fundraising chair and the treasurer around fundraising campaigns as it relates to membership. Time commitment: at the start of the school year is the largest commitment, 2-3 hours a week for the first month. Throughout the year there is less time commitment outside of general PTA meetings. The end of the year there is another 1-2 hour a week commitment for the end of year membership recruitment and renewal campaign.  

PTA meeting food: There are 6 general PTA meetings per school year at which you would be responsible for ordering the pizza, salad prep, and serving food during the pre-meeting dinner, along with cleanup (others help too!). Prepared manual for reference is available.

Craft night coordinator: Our annual PTA sponsored craft night usually happens in November with coordinator duties being craft table recruitment, publicity in flyer and email form, and attendance at craft night. Time commitment varies but is concentrated and limited to the weeks before the craft night date. Prepared manual for reference is available.

Enrichment co-coordinator: Coordinate (and sometimes recruit) enrichment teachers, prepare for, and inform school about enrichment classes through various methods. If interested, you would not be working alone, as we are in need of someone to be a co-coordinator with someone currently working on it. Time commitment is concentrated around enrichment sessions.

Teacher appreciation: In May, send out reminders the week before and during with the specifics for which special thing will happen each day to show appreciation for our teachers.   

                      Please contact Elaan, at president@fallcreekpta.org for more information or to sign up!