Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week - Wed-Fri

Three more days to celebrate Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week!

Coffee and treats were available in the teacher lounge today! Thank you Jamie Jones-Rounds, Ludi Augustine, Christina King, and other folks who contributed. And thank you, Ithaca Coffee Company for donating the coffee.

Teacher appreciation for the rest of the week:

Every day - consider posting on the “thank you” board in the lobby. Did they help your child with reading? Do you appreciate how organized they are? Does someone feed your kid lunch every day? Play music? Watch over recess? Even simple “thank you!”s, hearts, and other drawings are great!

Wednesday - Bring in extra school supplies: colored pencils, crayons, pencils, and pink erasers (Alex Spencer in the library could especially use some erasers!)

Thursday - Bring a flower from home

Friday - Bring thank you notes from kids and/or caregivers

Even if you manage none of the suggested themes, you can email or tell the teachers and staff in person how much you appreciate them.