Friday Program Lineup

Friday Program is a weekly event at Fall Creek Elementary School that makes our school such a warm and caring community, a place to belong and feel welcome. Every Friday, all the students at Fall Creek meet in the gym to share in greetings, performances, sing-alongs, special messages, lost-and-found parades, birthday announcements and more. Parents, caregivers, and other members of our community are always invited, and anyone can sign up to present or perform. (The PTA does not organize this event, though we do publicize the schedule each week.) Read more about it here.

The first Friday Program of this school year will be held tomorrow at 8:05 AM in the school gym. (Please note, the kindergarten classes will not be joining us this week.)

Here is this week’s lineup:

• Birthdays from Sept 1 - Sept 14
• First grade teacher Mr. Bell will lead the group in a song.

See you there!