Fall Creek Student Credit Union starts tomorrow!

The Fall Creek Student Credit Union reopens for business tomorrow, October 4th.
Come make a deposit get a color changing pencil!
The student credit union will be open from 7:40 to 7:55 tomorrow, and every Wednesday of the school year  (That’s 33 Wednesdays!).  Like past years, we will have various promotions throughout the year to help motivate students to save.
For those unfamiliar with the student credit union, the program is a collaboration with Alternatives Federal Credit Union (AFCU) and designed to bring banking to the students.  Students that participate have real savings accounts with the credit union.  They can use existing accounts or sign up for a new account. Students bring their deposit to the gym, on Wednesday mornings, and 4th/5th graders fill out the deposit slips for the student, with adults double checking the deposit.  All of the deposit are then delivered to the credit union, to be processed.
The goal of the credit union is to help students develop a regular savings habit. The focus is not on how much is saved, but on how often. Making a deposit of even a penny or nickel per week can start to add up, and it develops good habits, that last a lifetime.
If your student already has an account with Alternatives Federal Credit Union (AFCU), please have them bring their savings book. We will have new envelopes, with the dates for this school year. If you have a new account membership packet, then that can be used as the first deposit. You can also pick up a new account packet any Wednesday.
Please note, we are not a full service bank - we cannot make change, so please bring the exact amount that you want to deposit.  Checks in any amoutn are OK.  
If you have any questions please contact: 
Daniel Sheehan - ds269@cornell.edu
Moira Sheehan - moirajsheehan@gmail.com