School Library Seeks Materials for Maker Space

Hello Families!

We are launching our library Maker Space in November and are collecting materials for the activities we have planned. We have divided the materials we need by class:

- glue sticks (grade K)
- paper clips small and large (grade K)
- brass fasteners (grade K)
- tongue depressors (grade 1)
- toothpicks (grade 1)
- straws (grade 1)
- assorted container lids (grade 2)
- assorted recycled containers (grade 2)
- corrugated cardboard (grade 3)
- cereal box cardboard (grade 3)
- newspaper/magazines (grade 4)
- rubber bands (grade 4)
- corks (grade 4)
- kite string (grade 5)
- toilet paper (grade 5)
- paper towel roll tubes (grade 5)

If you would collect these items over the next two weeks and then send them in by the first week of November we would really appreciate it! We will also need these items throughout the year as our supplies run low.

Thank you for all you do to support our work here!

Jacqueline Kaden, Fall Creek Librarian