Friday Program Lineup (REVISED)

Friday Program will be held tomorrow as usual at 8:05 AM in the school gym. Parents, caregivers, and other members of our community are always invited, and anyone can sign up to present or perform.

Here is this week’s lineup (revised from previous email):

• Birthdays from 11/17-11/30 due to no school next Friday.
• Sophie Armstead will due an announcement about tomorrow evening’s Craft night
• 4th grader Rishi will play the piano
• 3rd graders Kiara and Isa will jump rope
• The 2nd grade Doves will inform us of the UNICEF total
• 3rd grader Maya will sing a song
• 2nd grader Nila and 1st grader Eleanor will sing a song
• 4th grader Jordy will play violin with her teacher Angela
• 3rd grader Ozzie will play the piano
• The Dance Party Band will play a song to promote this Sunday’s PTA dance party fundraiser at the Haunt.

See you there!