Reimbursement and Deposit Policies

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Who can buy supplies The PTA reimburses people who are buying supplies for the PTA. These people include:

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  • Event/program coordinators (or their designees) who are making purchases that are included within line items in the PTA budget
  • Officers (for supplies included within line items)
  • Others with permission of PTA board

Notice when a check is needed

opcje binarne reklama The treasurer needs at least 24-hour notice when a check is needed.

Follow this required process for reimbursement

  • Get receipts and attach to a blank piece of paper
  • Fill out reimbursement form and attach paper with receipts. The reimbursement form is available online and copies can also be found in the “from the treasurer” section of the PTA file folder (in the PTA cubby in the office).
  • Leave in the “to the treasurer” section of the PTA file folder (in the PTA cubby in the mailbox)
  • Pick up a check made out to you in the “from the treasurer” section of the PTA file folder.  The check will be available within 3 school days.

If you need someone else to make the purchase

elite rencontre gratuit en ligne If you need to buy something for the PTA and would rather someone else make the purchase, please contact any officer (please refer to the Meet the Officers section of the website for contact information)

The PTA is tax exempt The PTA’s New York State tax exemption ID is 145236.  The tax exempt form for the 2011-12 school year is available here online and in the “from the treasurer” PTA box in the office.  The treasurer also has business account cards from Wegmans that take the sales tax off automatically. Otherwise, bring a form and check with the service desk or a cashier about how they handle that.

Federal Taxpayer Identification Number and W9

opzioni binarie svizzere azioni italia The Fall Creek PTA’s Federal Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) also known as the EIN is:  16-1374737. If someone needs it (usually a fund-raising organization), here is a current W-9 form. Deposits

Tastylia Portugal If you are in charge of a fundraiser or other PTA program that involves collecting money (either cash or checks), please be sure to give the funds to the PTA treasurer in a timely fashion. Be sure to count the money first and fill out the simple PTA Deposit Form. This form provides a paper trail of all cash/check transactions in order to lessen the likelihood of theft, fraud or embezzlement.

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For more information

opcje binarne pdf chomikuj For any questions about the process, e-mail the treasurer ( or call the treasurer directly (again, refer to the Meet the Officers section of the website for contact information).

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