Reading Celebration

Thank You from the Reading Week Committee!

Hi Fall Creek families!
We just wanted to thank all of the parent volunteers who donated their time to help make reading week such a great success! Another big thank you to the PTA for sponsoring the Scholastic Book Fair and providing the s’mores station for all to enjoy. Also, a thank you to those parents who donated tents for the students to be able to enjoy throughout the week. We hope your child(ren) enjoyed the reading week activities we planned for them. Have a great break!
Reading Week Committee
Tanya Kszystyniak, Michelle Szymczak, Alexandra Spencer
Tanya Kszystyniak
Third Grade Teacher
Fall Creek Elementary

Next week is Reading Week!

Greetings, Fall Creek Families!

Reading Week is Coming - April 10-14
“Reading Under the Stars”

We will kick off the all-school event on Monday, April 10th and the fun will continue for the entire week! Each day, students will have the opportunity to participate in a fun, reading activity at school — please check out our calendar of events below! Students will also have the opportunity to complete a reading challenge each day. The goal is for each student to complete the reading challenge of the day, and in turn will collect a piece of a S’more that they will be able to “cash in” for a real S’more on Friday. Additionally, there will be other fun reading opportunities throughout the week that classroom teachers will be able to sign up their classes to enjoy.

We can’t wait for the fun to begin!

Calendar of Events:

Mon. 4/10: STEM Challenges

Tues. 4/11: Dress Like a Book Character Day / Scholastic Book Fair (sponsored by the PTA)

Wed. 4/12: STEM Challenges / Scholastic Book Fair (sponsored by the PTA)

Thurs. 4/13: Mystery Reader / Scholastic Book Fair (sponsored by the PTA)

Fri. 4/14: Pajama Day & S’mores

- Ms. Kszystyniak
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