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Join Fall Creek Basketball!

Register to play basketball for lots of winter fun!  
The Fall Creek basketball program is offered for girls and boys in 3rd, 4th and 5th grades, and is affiliated with the Ithaca Youth Bureau. It gives our kids a chance to have fun, build team skills, and explore their community.
Practices will start December 11th, and are held once or twice a week in the evenings at school, coached by Fall Creek parents. Games are scheduled for Saturdays, January through March. 
Registration forms were in last Thursday’s folders, but you can also find it here. Print and fill out and return to the front office or with your child to give to their teacher.  
Registration forms are due Wednesday, November 22nd.  
Questions? Contact the program coordinator:

Jessica Ristow

Student Credit Union - Nov. 8th - Fall Savings Challenge

The student credit union is open tomorrow morning, in the gym, from 7:40am to 7:55am.


The fall savings challenge continues.  If you make at least 4 deposits by December 13th, then you will receive a complimentary dollar coin.  Remember, a deposit can be as little as $0.01. The goal is to keep making deposits and building good saving habits.



You can open an account and start saving any time of the year.  If you have any questions, please contact:


Daniel Sheehan - ds269@cornell.edu

Moira Sheehan - moirajsheehan@gmail.com

Lego League Registration

Attention 3rd, 4th and 5th grade families!

It’s time for Lego league again! The PTA is sponsoring several teams from Fall Creek. This year’s theme is Aqua Adventure. Build with Lego and “find out where the water you use in your daily life comes from, and what happens on it’s way to you.” The program is open to all 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders.  


There will be weekly meetings starting on or about the week of November 13, 2017 until the expo at Cornell. The expo is on January 27, 2018 and each team member is required to attend.


Please respond by completing this form and dropping it in the PTA mailbox, leaving with Kelly, or sending an email (with the information on the form) to tek22nova@gmail.com no later than November 9, 2017.

November Newsletter

Check out our latest Newsletter here:



Friday Program Lineup

Friday Program will be held tomorrow as usual at 8:05 AM in the school gym. Parents, caregivers, and other members of our community are always invited, and anyone can sign up to present or perform.

Here is this week’s lineup:

• Birthdays from 11/3 - 11/16 due to no school on Friday the 10th.
• 1st grader Will will dance
• 2nd grader Zoe will sing
• 1st grade Linus will play violin
• 2nd grader Giulia will sing a song
• 2nd graders Stella and Violet will dance
• 1st grader Ozzy will dance

See you there!

Student Credit Union - Nov. 1st - Fall Savings Challenge

The student credit union is open tomorrow morning, in the gym, from 7:40am to 7:55am.


Tomorrow is also the start of our fall savings challenge.  If you make at least 4 deposits within the next 6 weeks, then you will receive a complimentary dollar coin.  Remember, a deposit can be as little as $0.01. The goal is to keep making deposits and building good saving habits.



You can open an account and start saving any time of the year.  If you have any questions, please contact:


Daniel Sheehan - ds269@cornell.edu

Moira Sheehan - moirajsheehan@gmail.com

DANCE PARTY! Fall Fundraiser 2017

The Fall Creek PTA 2017 Fall Fundraiser will get families moving with a rockin’ DANCE PARTY at The Haunt on Sunday, November 19! A live band of Fall Creek parents & teachers, many of them veteran members of Ithaca’s music community, will play a lively set of songs requested by the kids (which they’ve been enthusiastically doing on an easel in the school lobby the last couple of weeks!).

Tickets are available NOW!

There will be two shows, 12 PM and 3 PM. Tickets are $10 per person, or $35 for a family of four or more.

We’ll also have a bake sale and silent auction at the show.

This is the PTA’s biggest fundraiser of the year, and helps pay for a lot of our great programs and activities, so please come out to support us if you can!

Here’s how you can get involved, if you’re able to help out:

1. If you’re a musician and would like to sing or play at the shows, we’re glad to have more people involved! Even if you’re just up for a couple of songs and not the whole set, let us know at fallshow@fallcreekpta.org

2. We need a silent auction coordinator. This involves helping find items (or services) that can be auctioned at the shows. The PTA board has a couple of ideas already to help get started!

3. We need a program booklet coordinator to help compile ads for our printed program booklet.

Let us know at fallshow@fallcreekpta.org if you can help with any of the above! Otherwise, put it on your calendar, RSVP to our Facebook event, and come get down with us on the 19th!

Halloween Party Tomorrow Night!

Fall Creek Families! Kick off the 2014 Halloween season by coming to the annual Fall Creek PTA Halloween Party on Friday, October 27 (tomorrow!) from 6:30-8 PM at the school. Come in costume and join in the fun—games, crafts, facepainting, caramel apple bar, dance party, and more. Hope to see you there!



Fall Creek Student Credit Union - Oct. 25th

The student credit union is open tomorrow morning, in the gym, from 7:40am to 7:55am. Remember, a deposit can be as little as $0.01. The goal is to keep making deposits and building good saving habits.


You can open an account and start saving any time of the year.  If you have any questions, please contact:


Daniel Sheehan - ds269@cornell.edu

Moira Sheehan - moirajsheehan@gmail.com

School Library Seeks Materials for Maker Space

Hello Families!

We are launching our library Maker Space in November and are collecting materials for the activities we have planned. We have divided the materials we need by class:

- glue sticks (grade K)
- paper clips small and large (grade K)
- brass fasteners (grade K)
- tongue depressors (grade 1)
- toothpicks (grade 1)
- straws (grade 1)
- assorted container lids (grade 2)
- assorted recycled containers (grade 2)
- corrugated cardboard (grade 3)
- cereal box cardboard (grade 3)
- newspaper/magazines (grade 4)
- rubber bands (grade 4)
- corks (grade 4)
- kite string (grade 5)
- toilet paper (grade 5)
- paper towel roll tubes (grade 5)

If you would collect these items over the next two weeks and then send them in by the first week of November we would really appreciate it! We will also need these items throughout the year as our supplies run low.

Thank you for all you do to support our work here!

Jacqueline Kaden, Fall Creek Librarian

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